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Werewolf Mating Notes

A Note Before Reading:
The following appies only to the werewolf breed XXX. Other breeds may follow an entirely different ritual of mating or not possess one at all.

Time Period:
Matung ritualas are preformed within at most 5 days prior to full moon or during the day of the full moon. During the full moon (the night of) is only when both partners are werewolves. Any party who attempt mating during the full moon will find the non-werewolf dead come morning. 
The reason for this particular time perioiud lies in the werewolf's inner wolf; the full moon is when the inner wolf is closest to the forefront of a werewolf's mind. This is the only period where a mate is fully recgonized due to the inner wolf's involvement in the act.

This ritual is typically completeed in a place where the moon is visable. Natural settings are also preferred by most werewolves due to their connection with nature and, of course, the moon. Note that actual locations are to be determined by the werewolf pair (or the werewolf and thier non-werewolf partner) as to avoid complications of interest and secruity.

The ritual itself typically lasts several hours (seven is said to be the longest), but the actual length depends on how close to the full moon it is during the time of the ritual. The closer it is to the full moon, the longer the ritual, due to the increase of stamina werewolves possess in the days upcoming to the full moon. This applies especially for mating, as it marks the completeion of the mating process, thus binding both parterns for life. It is typical for instinct, inner desire, and primal urges to take over during the mating process.

The Invitation:
Before the mating ritual can begin, a 'invitation' must be made by the werewolf partner. This initial invitation comes in the form of a nip to the area around the neck. The invited partner accepts this invitation by nipping, licking, or kissing the area around the throat.

 While it is not neccessarily courtship, this term refers to the acts done prior to the full moon. These acts are small in nature and follow the inital mating invitation. See 'Courtships Norms' for a list of these acts.

Courtship Norms (within a few days):
>increased desire to be phsyically close to mate:
In the upcoming days prior to the full moon, werewolves will typically feel an increasing desire to be phsyically close to their mate. Insistant touching, kissing, and other acts of affection are normal. It is recgommened that partners have a discussion beforehand on how comfortable they are with being followed or clung to in order to establish a compromise.

>inceased proctiveness/possessvieness of partner:
Werewolves are naturally protective of those they care about and many have a habit of being somewhat possessive. These tendancies are believed to increase before mating. Again, it is highly recgommended that pairs have a discussion to sort out how they will deal this side effect.

Nipping is a very freqeunt occurance in the days preluding to werewolf mating. It continues the same pattern as the initial mating invitation, but with one sole difference: a non-werewolf partner is weclome to return the guesture. In short, they are welcome to do the initial nipping.

Norms During the Ritual:
Biting upholds two significant meanings. Furthermore, it is said, that these bites are rarely ever painful. In addition, non-werewolf partners are encouraged, but not required to return the bites.

The first meaning is to demonstrate equallity between mating pairs. Wild wolves live in a heirachy with the alpha wolf at the top. Werewolf packs typically contain a similar structure; however, mating pairs are equal to one another. The second significame is the act of marking a mates as one's own.

>Insistant Licking:
Whether it is an act of affection or merely an obession is debatable, but werewolves tend to insistantly want to lick their mates during the mating ritual.

After the Ritual:
There are several things to be expected once the ritual is complete. They are bulleted below.

>'Cleaning' (via tounge):
It is common for werewolves to 'clean' their mates after mating. This habit is typical directly after maitng and in the day following. 

>Bonding Time:
 Mated pairs typically spend most of the day together following mating, as a way of simply being together. For more information, go talk to a mated werewolf.

Here are the points I'm still working on:

>One site I read said that werewolves could tell when another werewolf has a mate already. Should we use this? Also, should other werewolves be able to tell Niki is a werewolf's mate?

>Should there be an official lead in to the actual mating? I'm not sure if there should be some kind of invitation/lead in, if they just decide on a date, or if it's completely spontainious. My origianl thought was a combination of the two: the inner wolf spontainious decides 'ok, now is good' and so on and so forth. Thought two was using the nipping thing explained under invitation, but having it be an actual bite (not hard) instead of a nip. Your thoughts?

>Should there be any kind of aftereffects of mating? Example: one site I checked said mated pairs have a kind of mental link.

http://stonemountainrpg.com/node/79 (very good)


Nickname: Spazz
Age: 17
Gender: male
Height: average
Weight: average
Sexual Orientation:
Relationship Status: single
Ethnicity: European
Race (human, vampire, lycan, anthro, etc.): human

Build: slim, just a little short
Clothing: Typically casual baggy jeans and T-shirts. Sometimes wears odd assories such as goggle, necklaces, wrist bands, ect.
Identifying Marks:
Overall Appearance:

Likes: non-humans, the supernatural, skateboarding, photography
Dislikes: normalicy, TV dramas, seafood, skeptics
Goals: To meet a nonhuman and befreind them
How people see him: crazy, obsessed, though some find him amusing to watch
How he sees himself: an enthusiast with a dream... (yeah, he's a little weird...)
Seme or Uke (Top or Bottom): Could go either way depending on the type of partner he's with
Skills: vide games, skateboarding,
Strengths: the ability to shrug off most insults, looks like he'd live through just about anything...
Weaknesses: easily exicted, gullable,
Overall Personality: He comes off as kinda psychotic, but is actually just very enthusiastic; about alomst everything. Very friendly, fun loving, and easy going.

Siblings: none
Place of birth: Scotland

As a small child, ___________ witnessed something strange and mysterious while on a family trip to the lake of Loch Ness: and has been fascintated by the abnormal ever since.

As a teenager in high school, he came to Mori in hopes of meeting nonhumans, half humans, and possibly even aliens. His parents are very concerned...

Miscellaneous (anything not listed above that you feel should be known about your charater:


My To-Read Book List

Soul Mates: Bound By Blood (Paperback)
by Jourdan Lane (Author) 
          BL, vampire + human, X-rated

Without Reservations (Paperback)
by J. L. Langley (Creator) 
          BL, werewolves, X-rated



So...I'm thinking of posting my fanfiction here...


Start of an Era...

The begins of this...

Can't say I'm not a little worried about what ends up here, but hey, who knows? Could be amusing. 

Or terrifying. 

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